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Aug 20

Setting Yourself Up For A Trendsetting Fall

And just like that… September is on the horizon, school is back in session, and #hotgirlsummer is officially over. But if there’s one thing a change in season promises… it’s a change in styles.

Words |  Katia Dragotis

And we can’t get ENOUGH!

Today we enlist the help of New York Fashion Week runway stylist and trend expert, José Ayala, to help breakdown the MUST-HAVES in your closet going into the fall. And as always, these fashion tips brought to you exclusively from the trendsetting models themselves… your favorite pros. 

Please enjoy these Autumn looks. And if ProTrending can help one grown man out of an oversized jersey at your next Sunday gathering… then we’ve done our job. 

Without further adieu, here are the five fashion trends to fall into autumn with. 


In the world of custom fit, everything ‘fashion’ resides in how skinny is ‘too skinny’ when it comes to pant tailoring? This fall, we say let the seams out a bit and opt for a more relaxed, straight cut finish. Ayala stresses that this will provide a more comfortable, yet tailored finish to your look, whether it’s relaxed denim or a dressier slack. 

Take a look at how Los Angeles Chargers quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, perfects business casual with ease before his game against the Arizona Cardinals. 

Pro Tip: With a straight leg cut, pay close attention to your shoe selection. Whichever route you choose to go will dictate the level of elevated fashion this trend will set.


Just because the weather gets chillier, doesn’t mean fasion trends have to freeze. A neon haze is already shown itself to be leftover summer fashion for the fall – and lucky for us – the blinding hues don’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Trend expert, José Ayala, recommends incorporating a pop of those blazing colors into various accessories or accent opportunities when piecing outfits together. Transitioning from the summer’s safety vest orange into a warmer burnt orange lends a playful, yet cozier alternative to the trendy palette. 

Dutch soccer pros Steven Bergwijn and Memphis Depay delivering that Euro Drip into fall.

Pro Tip: When traveling the Euro brick road, make sure you do it in pairs. Sometimes, how good you look is more easily recognizable with a partner to bounce eyes off of.


Say it by styling it with graphic tees. The resurgence of this long standing trend looks to be warmly embraced by athletes, well into the chillier months of the year. Use these statement pieces as an opportunity to express yourself through the threads, but for this fall, air on the the more minimalistic side. Graphic tee shopping can be fun! And also gives you a great opportunity to dive into your community, finding local artists and designers to support through fashion. 

Minnesota Vikings’ pro Stefon Diggs showcases how to mesh various fall trends into a seamless look.

Pro Tip: Keep it minimal. Pairing with solid, neutral base colors allow the accent color to have its moment to shine.

Pro tip: ORANGE.


Pro Tip: One way to give the perfect graphic tee an extra boost is to pair it with a ‘proper’ accessory. IF your sleeves are short, you’ve got plenty of real estate for a nice watch.

Pro Tip: There’s a fine line between early 2000’s Ed Hardy disaster and trendy graphic tees.  Choose something that speaks to you personally, your confidence and swag will accompanying it perfectly. 


Layering for fall is as groundbreaking as florals for spring, but 2019 is asking for their fashionistas to play with various lengths when it comes to outerwear. The European fashion weeks all stood up and demanded the return of the trench coat for men, so get ready to channel your inner Matrix, and have some fun with outerwear this fall. 

The ever fashion forward racing pro, Lewis Hamilton, has paired his collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger in this sporty hoodie and sophisticated peacoat.

Pro Tip: Outerwear is IN for professional athletes. We’ve heard from multiple cold weather NFL players that said this layered look embraces both fashion and functionality perfectly. Be sure to keep in mind when layering these two, that bulkier looks need a more tapered pant leg and statement shoe to maintain a leaner overall look.


The bomber jacket trend is still holding on strong. So strong, many athletes are taking them to the next level by livening the look up with the return of classic accent designs. Nods to athletic accents such as varsity stripes or monogrammed touches aid in making the style personal.

Pro Tip: Nothing says keeping your cool than a perfectly tear across your Amiri jeans. Accents don’t always have to be colors or patterns, you know.

Pro Tip: There’s nothing wrong with a sophisticated jacket, in your team colors, for a nuanced gameday look. Remember, friends don’t let friends wear another man’s oversized jersey in public. 


Move beyond the statement wrist watch by adding a tennis bracelet… or three… to your outfit. The tennis bracelet is the perfect trend to either compliment an already showboat style outfit, or make a more subtle statement in a more minimalistic one.

Pro Tip: Don’t feel locked into just one metallic shade. This fall it’s all about stacking the tri-color blend of silver, gold, and rose…

Pro Tip: Whatever you do, keep it fresh, keep it clean – and as always – Style Like a Pro out there people. 

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Katia Dragotis hails from the tundra of Minnesota and is unthawing in sunny Los Angeles as ProTrending's creative director of multimedia. She believes in the identity of brands and using your voice as a platform for change. She believes sports fashion is a lot like rosé, it's not just good on the weekends.

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