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Top 10 NFL Draft Fashion of the Last 10 Years

NFL Draft Fashion

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Top 10 NFL Draft Fashion of the Last 10 Years

Over the past 10 years, the world of fashion has evolved and we have had the privilege of witnessing as trends have come and gone. In honor of the 2020 NFL draft beginning on April 23rd, ProTrending put together a reflection of the top, most remembered styles of drafts past. These players put their blood sweat and tears into making it into the league, so on this day they are celebrated for all their hard work and consistent dedication. They roll up in their best suit and live out their wildest dreams. Here are the players who came in hot and stylin on their most cherished draft day. Take a scroll though the freshest fits and find a year of style inspiration. 

Devin Bush Draft Fashion

2019 : Devin Bush – Pittsburgh Steelers

With the 10th overall pick in the 2019, Devin Bush’s red carpet look was without a doubt one to remember. The former University of Michigan linebacker made his NFL debut in a sleek black suit paired with a white harness. In an interview he described his style as “off the wall, unpredictable and of course flashy”. I don’t think the NFL draft has ever seen anything like it. This type of off the wall look is what makes draft day all the more special. 

Jaire Alexander Draft Fashion

2018: Jaire Alexander – Greenbay Packers

Walk a mile in these Louboutins, isn’t that right Jaire? The former Louisville baller, now Green Bay packer cornerback, pulled up to the 2018 draft in a bold pair of Leolion Leopard-Print Slip-On Christian Louboutin Loafers valued at $1,995. Jaire matched his red-bottoms with a classic, deep red three piece suit. These shoes were what we call a statement piece, he made sure he had all eyes on him for his big day.

Jamal Adams Draft Fashion

2017: Jamal Adams – New York Jets

In 2017, LSU’s Jamal Adams was the 6th overall pick for the New York Jets. From the start of his NFL career Jamal has maintained a high fashion dedication. The Jet’s strong safety wore this trendy black and white, double-breasted suit with a windowpane pattern as he set off into his NFL journey. To this day, Jamal has certainly dressed to impress, making him a fierce competitor not only on the field but in the game of style.

Laquon Treadwell Draft Fashion

2016: Laquon Treadwell- Minnesota Vikings

This draft day fit was as cold as the Minnesota winters he would soon be drafted into. For his first appearance as a Viking, he pulled up in this elegant, one of a kind floral blazer and added a black bowtie to pull the look together. He kept the bottoms simple and sleek making sure to keep our focus on his jacket. The now Atlanta Falcon wide receiver accessorized with some silver chains and a red faced Rolex watch.

Kevin Johnson Draft Fashion

2015: Kevin Johnson – Houston Texans

The ProTrending police have spoken, and this suit was hands down meant for Kevin Johnson. He must get his exquisite taste from his mom, because these two are quite the duo. The 2015 Texans Cornerback selection pulled up to the runway in a monochromatic blue suit looking as charming as ever. Kevin added a darker shade of blue tie to compliment his ensemble.

CJ Mosley Draft Fashion

2014: CJ Mosley – Baltimore Ravens

Paparazzi get your cameras ready, because here we have 238 pounds of pure class coming through. ProTrending ruling: CJ Mosley was the best dressed player in the 2014 draft. This is a color so few can pull off, but it suits him 100 percent. He paired this rusty orange suit with a colorful bowtie and a sky blue dress shirt.

Cordarrell Patterson Draft Fashion

2013: Cordarrelle Patterson – Minnesota Vikings

And with the No.1 style pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, ProTrending selects, Cordarrelle Patterson of the then Minnesota Vikings. Cordarelle appeared in a creme and black trim blazer over a clean, white button up. He added a Louis Vuitton multicolor monogram belt to make the outfit pop. As flashy as his nickname, number 84 incorporated a variety of gold pieces to spice up his red carpet look.

Robert Griffin III Draft Fashion

2012: Robert Griffin III – Washington Redskins

Go Catch Your Dreams is right! That is exactly what Robert Griffin III did in 2012 when he was drafted second overall to the Washington Redskins. This is what we call team spirit. RGIII combined these vivacious socks with a gorgeous sky blue two-buttoned suit. Red and blue isn’t normally the expected comination but for this QB, but we made an exception.

Cam Newton Draft Fashion

2011: Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers

2011 was the year where it all began for QB Cam Newton. It was the beginning of his fashion takeover and the start of a successful NFL career for Mr. Newton. It’s crazy to look back and compare 2011 rookie Cam’s simple grey draft day suit to his outrageous outfits today. Who would have known that he would be a total style icon and a force to be reckoned with. From his hats to the eccentric patterns he throws on today, the quarterback is one of the most talked about style legends in the NFL.

Sam Bradford Draft Fashion

2010: Sam Bradford – Saint Louis Rams

The year of 2010 was one of simplicity in the NFL. The suits were looser, and the styles were more classic. Sam Bradford, the first overall pick, showed up to his special night in a grey suit accessorized with a teal tie and pocket square to match. It’s been amazing seeing how much has changed over the past 10 years in regards to players outfit choices.  

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