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Sep 12

Time Is Money: Fashion Fines In The NFL

Odell Beckham Jr. looks to be coughing up a lotta bread for his latest stunt.

But he’s not the first NFL man to pay for the fit.


Odell Beckham jr. didn’t need a touchdown… or a win…  to make a splash in his Cleveland debut. The flashy wideout played the entirety of the game wearing a $350,000 Richard Mille watch. The stunning timepiece’s custom band matches the orange in the Browns’ numbers and helmets. 

The League has a rule “prohibiting hard objects,” but has no mention of jewelry. Though the rulebook may have some flexibility, the NFL partnership with watch company Tissot may not. If Odell’s Mille watch violates the exclusive sponsorship, the NFL has a history of bringing the hammer down.


In 2011, Panthers QB Cam Newton was fined $10k for wearing Under Armor facemask clips. Anything but Nike on field was a no-no.

In 2014, former 49ers QB Colin Kaeperknick was fined $10k for rocking pink Beats by Dre pregame and with the press. NFL partner Bose had a problem with that.

And in 2007, former Bears linebacker and hall of famer, Brian Urlacher was fined a whopping $100k for wearing a Vitamin Water hat at a pre-SuperBowl press conference. C’mon Brian, nobody’s dumping a Gatorade jug full of Vitamin Water on the SuperBowl game-winning coach. 

Which, incidentally, was NOT your coach… as the Colts and Tony Dungy took SB XLI by a score of 29-17.

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