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Aug 08

The Many Fannies of JaVale McGee

– words || Tyson Prince

‘A rose by any other name is still a rose.’ But what about the Fanny Pack? Watch out as the once decidedly uncool accessory reaches the zenith of its comeback!

Styles can be statements. They can also be cyclical – rising from the graveyard of fashion don’ts to be celebrated as the new fashion do’s. Just ask the folks over at Starter about the resurgence of their iconic jackets.

One of the latest trends flirting with a second run at the fashion title is… the fanny pack. (Also toted as a belt bag, bum bag, and a man purse, respectively). It’s official. Jamie Lowe’s  2015  New York Times article depicts her personal love affair with the accessory. The Cultural History of the Fanny Pack, by Brian VanHooker, delves deep into the bag’s place in pop culture. Both are interesting reads.

But don’t take our word, or the word of the New York Times for it. Just look at the long list of sports superstars rocking a belt bag these days. Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vitton have all entered the arena of fannypack fabrication. Everyone from Steph Curry and Jimmy Butler, to Dwayne Wade and Ben Simmons have been spotted in public, down with the throwback style.

And it isn’t just the NBA getting it in. Cowboys running back Ezekiel Eliiot & former WWE turned movie star – and trailblazer in fannypack fashionDwayne “The Rock” Johnson, both give their hips a little extra swag by sporting these efficient pouch pockets between game days and movie premieres.

But make no mistake, the sports world’s undisputed champ of the fanny game is unquestionably Los Angeles Lakers big man, JaVale McGee. McGee’s collection of bum bags is worth more than most NBA rookie’s first year’s salary. Take a look at some of our favorites here…

1. 2018 ESPY red carpet // Gucci

2. Off season casual // Burburry

3. In the lot / / Gucci

javelle 6

4. En route to practice / / Gucci

5. B/R x Jumpoff 2018 // Gucci

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