How J-Lo Got A-Rod’s Groove Back

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How J-Lo Got A-Rod’s Groove Back

How J-Lo Got His Groove Back: The Fashion Evolution Of Alex Rodriguez The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, May 6, 2019:  Showstoppers Jennifer Lopez (L) and Alex Rodriguez attend the 2019 Met Gala, where the theme was ‘camp,’ the color was ‘pink,’ and their claim to Queen and King of the red carpet was heard loud and clear. (Courtesy People, Vogue, USA Today_Photo by DIMITRIOS KAMBOURIS/GETTY)

Alex Rodriguez is currently one of the most famous men on the planet again. Is it any coincidence his highly publicized relationship with Jennifer Lopez has something to do with it? Besides the two having extremely distinguishable nicknames, ‘J-Rod‘ both have impeccable style. Professional athletes rarely shy from the fashion game, and A-Rod is no exception. However, Alex has only seemed to strike gold with his style… only after he retired from baseball.  Could new boo, Jennifer, be the reason behind this? Your team at ProTrending wants to dig a little deeper.

Former Flashgirl turned global icon, Jennifer Lopez, has always been a fashionista. Take the 2000 Grammy Awards ceremony when she showed up to the red carpet in a green and blue ‘barely-there’ Versace dress that shocked the world. At the time, it was simply referred to as  “the dress.” 19 years later, she is still continuing to take fashion risks, constantly pushing the bar when it comes to trending styles.

Alex, on the other hand, took a less shocking approach to fashion before he met Jennifer in 2017. A-Rod’s day-to-day style was considered casual and laid back at best. But since he started his high-profile relationship with Jennifer, rarely has he been spotted in sweatpants and t-shirts almost anywhere. The only exception, seemingly, when the couple is seen working out together in athletic gear.

How… adorable. Guess it’s true what they say, the couple that sweats together, stays together.

Since retiring from the Yankees in 2016, Alex has earned a role as an ESPN baseball commentator which requires him to dress up often. He’s done an incredible job with his expert color, but some think a shift in his style is what’s really separated his game. Almost overnight, post his the beginning of his courtship of Jennifer Lopez, Alex’s look has evolved tremendously. Instead of your vanilla, business-stale slacks and basic, bland tie, A-Rod is turning heads in the booth CEO-sharp, with tailored suits and leather dress shoes now the standard.

Before Jennifer came into Alex’s life, he wasn’t what anyone would call… dapper.  He had decent style, but a style that could have easily been summed up as boring or forgettable. Since he and Jennifer became an item, A-Rod has been taking a page out of her book and really amping up his style choices. For example, Alex was seen at the 2019 Grammys in an extremely unique tuxedo that featured a magenta and teal tie-dyed jacket. This look is a far cry from what he would have worn years previous, had he attended a swanky event like this. My, how things have changed.

It’s clear today, if there was a men’s best dressed list out… Alex would certainly be on it.

Even Alex’s street style seems to have risen to the next level. Before meeting Jen, if you caught A-Rod in public, it was in a simple windbreaker and jeans at best. But ever since his better half has helped put a spring in his step, if you catch Alex on the street, you might think he just stepped out of a GQ photo shoot. It’s absolutely red HOT fire. And if he’s lucky enough to be locking arms with Jen, the couple’s combined look EXPLODES into the next stratosphere.

The facts are the facts. As long as you have two eyes, it’s easy to see firsthand how impactful Jennifer Lopez has had as an influence on Alex since the duo teamed up for love in 2017. And why not? Considering behind every good man is a good woman, it’s no surprise that Alex’s style, career, and success have been a stock market soar since. Don’t take it from us, either. If there’s any question, a simple look at Alex’s face these days tells the story. Rarely is your boy seen without an ear-to-ear, ‘winning at life’ grin on his face.

To the fashion-forward, trendsetting, power couple, ProTrending salutes you.

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Written by Erik Cardona

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