Style Great, Play Great In The NBA Bubble

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Style Great, Play Great In The NBA Bubble

By Asudzz

In today’s NBA, the game doesn’t start when the ball is tipped off, it starts when the players arrive to the arena and enter the tunnel to their locker room. It gives the fans an inside look at what their favorite athletes are wearing to the game and which fashion brands are popular or not.  Ever since David Stern announced the new NBA dress code in 2005, players have been making the tunnel their own fashion runway. That’s why the players and fans blew up with disappointment earlier this month, when it was announced that players had to arrive to games in their team issued warmups, compression shorts and all, and not their usual statement styles for the NBA restart. When speaking with NBA Pro Troy Daniels on if he knew about the rule change before arriving to the bubble, he replied “I didn’t know about it. I don’t know if they released anything, but I know for sure I didn’t know about it until it came out when we were in the bubble.” Later that week the league took notice of the negative affect this rule was having and quickly changed their minds to let the players decide once again what they wanted to wear to the game. The Denver Nuggets Pro later stated “I probably would have still worn a couple outfits to be honest with you and just took the fine or whatever they wanted to do.” Having cameras inside the tunnel to capture the players styles walking in is one of the key factors in what separates the NBA from other leagues. It gets the conversation about the game started before the game is even being played. The players are able to showcase their personalities without needing to say a word.  On top of that it brings in new fans to the game who might not have known about the NBA or the players if it wasn’t for the fashion photos!

Over this past weekend Tiago Splitter, former NBA Pro and current Brooklyn Nets player development coach, tweeted out a picture that soon went viral of a group of construction workers adding the finishing touches to a newly constructed NBA barbershop building on the grounds of the Disney campus. The internet ate it up and thought the NBA was just trying to cover their tracks after making a very bad rule change the previous week. However, Nuggets Pro Troy Daniels noted “We knew we would have all those types of things. Barbershops and all that stuff that’s why I was surprised when the pictures went viral.” He went on with stating, “Everybody trying to rag on the NBA, but the NBA spent almost like $200 Million on this project and its absolutely insane the stuff they’re doing here.” And that’s because the NBA knows it needs to make sure their Pros are happy and have everything at their fingertips so that they won’t be urged to go out and break quarantine.

The barbershop hopefully will provide players with another perk as they remain separated from their families and regular lives. Most importantly what’s better than getting a fresh cut?!

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Written by Asudzz

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