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Aug 25

Say It with Flowers

It’s going to be a big week for UFC fighter Conor McGregor, who is preparing to do battle with Floyd Mayweather this Saturday, August 26th. Both men will be heavily scrutinized in the days leading up to the meeting.

Of course, plenty of athletes and other professionals are chiming in where they can, letting their voices be heard. One such loud voice is Lennox Lewis, a professional boxer who, during his illustrious career, held the world championship three different times.

Lewis talked to BBC Sport less than a week ahead of The Money Fight, and his opinion was not so good, reports UK publication The Telegraph.

“There is tremendous build-up and hype but I don’t really take it as a serious fight…I wouldn’t count a fight like this as a ‘fight. He’s basically a boxing guy that is a UFC fighter and not a boxer,” the athlete said.

“Everyone wants to know what’s going to happen. Is McGregor going to throw a kick because, obviously when he retorts to boxing and realizes he is not match for Mayweather, what will he do? How will he get around that?”

Lewis summed up his thoughts thusly: “No other boxers from 49 fights have figured out how to beat Mayweather — now a UFC fighter that doesn’t even have a boxing career is trying to beat him at boxing — I think it’s a farce to a certain degree.”

Ouch! Shots fired.

Like a lot of the other trash talking that’s happened ahead of the fight, McGregor hasn’t let it bother him in the slightest. He’s been focusing hard on his training regimen, getting his body in the best physical shape possible for the Mayweather fight.

This past weekend, he attended one of those training sessions in a sunny pair of floral printed trousers. He paired that with Gucci Princeton velvet loafers (complete with fur trim), a black embroidered silky polo shirt, and white headphones.


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