Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers

153 NFL

HT/WT 6'2 - 225 lbs
Feb 12, 1983
SPORT Football
Status active


Born in Chico, California, football was a love affair that started early for Aaron Charles Rodgers. While most kids were learning their ABCs, Aaron was learning how to read defenses. As a 5-year old, Rodgers didn’t watch cartoons. He watched football. Calling out nickel and quarter packages on the television screen when he did.

Despite setting the University of California at Berkeley on fire during his college years, Rodgers slipped in the draft. Known as 'the slide,' 23 different teams passed on Aaron in the 2005 draft. Green Bay would quickly put an end to that, selecting/stealing one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game with the 24th overall pick. Six years later, Rodgers would return the favor by winning Super Bowl XLV and Packers hearts forever.

Most of us are used to seeing Aaron Rodgers looking good in green and gold. But take it from us, he's a 'bad man' in denim. After signing a record-breaking $134 million contract extension, the most famous Wisconsinite in Green Bay made a statement by wearing a cowboy hat, bolo tie, and matching denim jacket with jeans to celebrate. The statement? That Aaron's unique, comfortable fashion sense reflects the same confidence on the streets that he has in the huddle.



  • Touchdown celebration: The 'Discount double-check.' Rodgers thrusts both hands across an imaginary belt on his waist, alla a WWE championship wrestler
  • Hey batter, batter: Aaron can throw a baseball 90mph. That's fast enough to clock in with major league middle relievers
  • Lucky Under - Wear: A San Francisco #16 t-shirt. For good luck in college, Aaron wore a Joe Montana t-shirt under his jersey before every game at Cal.
  • Rodgers doesn't just throw bombs: He photobombs. The Green Bay quarterback has a reputation for photobombing his team's captains during pre-game picture opts. He even caught Common in a red carpet candid at the 2016 Oscars. www.rodgersphotobomb.com
  • Into the end zone for six: Strings. Aaron taught himself to play the guitar. He even owns his own record label, Suspended Sunrise Recordings, that he established to help aspiring artists' music see the light of day.

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