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Pro-Ssentials with Terance Mann

Terance Mann fashion

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Pro-Ssentials with Terance Mann

There’s a refreshing and laid back demeanor to Los Angeles Clippers rookie Terance Mann. Yet, there’s a focus and respect on the game of basketball that circulates throughout his life. While he may be a rookie in the fashion world as well, (admitting that before entering the league he just abided by his mom’s suggestion to simply match,) stylist and designer Mary Francis is there to expose his true stylish self. When it comes to his style, there’s a sway of customized comfort that defines the foundation of fashion possibilities for Terance.

Mary Francis, is his fashion gatekeeper and there’s a blended understanding of exposing Terance’s core personality through style. “My job is to enhance his vibe. I encourage him to push the boundaries here and there. For me, it was really important to just capitalize on who he is as a person. I didn’t want to change him.” 

Mary defines Terance as a “stylists’ dream.” A guy who’s all about basketball but wants to also look fly, a moldable approach to honoring the game through fashion. Their client-stylist dynamic is infectious and the level of respect they have for one another is very apparent. A true stylish compromise, if you will. Terance tells me, “I’m a laid back type of guy, me and Mary go back and forth sometimes on what I’m going to wear but overall it’s all about balance and we compromise.” Mary added, “my approach with Terance initially was keeping it comfortable for him while also pushing his style boundaries a bit, adding some more color.”  Terance and Mary walk us through how to Style Like a Pro, Terance Mann style, with his essentials. 

Eytys Jacket, Moncler Vest, Amiri jeans, Air Force 1’s

Mary Francis: “Created out of 5 of Terance’s game winning FSU jerseys I made a custom pair of  my “ Basketball Jersey Shorts” for him. Terance and I started working together at the start of his very first season with the Clippers. For me as his stylist learning about his college career, achievements, and experiencing first hand his passion for basketball made designing these shorts so much more sentimental. I will never forget the reaction on Terance’s face when he first saw the shorts, this is honestly why I do what I do!”

Terance: “I was shocked when I saw the shorts. When I gave Mary the Jerseys I had no idea what they were going to look like. That fit in the tunnel was one of my favorites, it meant more to me than just a look, I was happy to be representing the place that helped me become who I am today.”

Terance Mann Fashion Michael Jordan

Mary: “Terance’s style is coordinated, comfortable, on trend, and unpredictable. It could be a monochromatic white sweatsuit fit, a colorful coordinating vintage shorts set, or a dope pair of denim.”

Mary loves incorporating vintage and graphic tees that are not only one of a kind, but reflective of his personality and interests. 



Terance: “My favorite part is the shoes, we try to change it up, but I’m big on Jordans.” 

Custom sweats by Mary Francis brand with custom CHPTR-3 Jordans

Terance and Mary both share a love for the candy Butterfinger, which was an inspiration for the design of this custom sweatsuit by Mary Francis Brand. Mary indulged these details to the designers of custom sneaker company, CHPTR-3, who in turn made these custom vintage Jordan sneakers to reflect that. 

Terance Mann Fashion Mary Francis

Terance: “She makes me appreciate each of the pieces that I wear. Her approach to matching and coordinating for sure has changed my wardrobe and look… and I value her opinion, and like wearing what makes her happy. ” 

Mary: “This look was about making a statement with a monochromatic look head to toe. I like to make statements but everything needs to be balanced, and he totally gets that when he gets dressed.

Terance Mann Fashion

Mary: “I would definitely say I push his ‘fashion boundaries.’  I encourage him ( sometimes beg haha) to step out of his comfort zone, especially adding some bright colors into the mix, like we did in this fit.”

Terance Mann in Diesel Jacket and Neil Barrett pants 

Terance Mann Fashion Mary Francis

Our approach to game day looks: It honestly changes for each game. We love a good sneaker, vintage tees, denim jackets, and of course a monochromatic vibe.” 

Terance Mann in HUMAN MADE shorts & custom Mary Francis Brand sweatshirt

Terance Mann fashion

Fast Fashion with Terance Mann

NBA Style in 1 Word: Unpredictable 

Favorite Designer: Mary Francis 😉 

Go-to Casual Fit: A comfortable Sweatsuit 

Date night fit: Depends on the girl… 

Biggest Fashion Inspiration: Nick Young 

My go-to game day look is:  Something custom that Mary made me! 

Besides myself, best dressed guy in the league: Mary can answer that… 

Biggest lesson in fashion I’ve learned: Try to Match or you teammates will bother you. 

Biggest fashion regret: None, that is why I have a stylist. 

My style in one word: Comfortable  

What’s one fashion piece/advice I learned from Mary Francis: How to roll my shirt sleeve this certain way she likes. 

Favorite Game day look ever: Monochromatic Grey/Silver Look 

Favorite shoes: Jordan 1’s always 

Mary Francis

Terance Mann

Katia Dragotis

Mary Francis

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