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Pro-Ssentials with Kwon Alexander

Legendary: (leg·​end·​ary) : of, relating to, or characteristic of legend or a legend. See also: Kwon Alexander’s favorite word. The San Francisco 49er’s linebacker is known for legendary plays and comebacks on the field; but how do you breakdown his just as complex fashion style? Alexander’s passion for fashion is deeply rooted in his upbringing and the core of his character. His essential self, if you will.

“My passion for fashion goes back as far as I can remember. My daddy had a huge impact on my style and will forever be someone I pull inspiration from. I see it as what speaks to me on a creative level. I look for what’s unique and different and how I can amplify and elevate my fashion is what I strive for.”

Kwon’s style is one that is constantly spinning at new potential, a thrill of pulling a variety of elements into a uniquely ‘Kwon” look.

“It all comes down to my essentials in my wardrobe, mixed in and curated with some really special, avant-grade pieces. I’m always looking for legendary pieces you won’t see on anybody else.”

So whether you’re looking to apply to Hot Boyzz University, or just trying to Style Like A Pro, Kwon Alexander peels back the layers of the essentials that make up his unique style.

Eytys Jacket, Moncler Vest, Amiri jeans, Air Force 1’s

“Pieces I find essential in my wardrobe range and depend on what my eye catches that day. I like adding accessories to layering pieces. Switching up hoodies with a bomber or vest is one of my go to’s with either joggers or jeans.”

Kwon Alexander Fashion
Louie Vuitton Wind Breaker, Rhude T-Shirt, Oliver Pants, Off-White x Jordan Sneakers. Finished with Louis Vuitton Shades

Warren Lotas Jacket

Glasses and jewelry, I switch up daily but tend to lean towards my customized pieces, it’s a passion of mine to create and design my own accessories and clothing which I’m working on at the moment…stay tuned. 

Cartier & Gucci Custom Glasses from Opticals on Fairfax

Custom jewelry for Kwon Alexander

Kwon Alexander Audemar Piguet watch

Diamond encrusted Audemar Piguet watch

Kwon Alexander Fashion

Greg Lauren Button up Varsity Hoodie with Greg Lauren Drop crotch Pants and Air Force 1’s. 

Kwon Alexander Fashion
Martine Rose Jacket, Heron Preston turtle neck, Oliver pants, custom Cartier glasses from Optical Illusions on Fairfax

Christian Dior Vest & Layered canvas button up with Prada Bucket Hat 

Grey Joggers w/ black bungees are : 99percentis

99percentis Grey Joggers w/ black bungees

Kwon Alexander Fashion

Fast Fashion with Kwon Alexander

NFL Style in 1 Word: Lit

NBA Style in 1 Word:  Predictable

Favorite Designer: Greg Lauren/ Warren Lotas

Go-to Casual Fit: Bomber, Hoodie,Joggers, Sneakers

Date night fit:  Dior button down / Amiri jeans

Biggest Fashion Inspiration: My daddy

I draw inspiration from: Virgil Abloh

My go-to game day look is: I switch it up every time

Besides myself, best dressed guy in the league: Trai Turner

Biggest lesson in fashion I’ve learned: To be yourself and be experimental

Biggest fashion regret: Don’t have any..legendary

My style in one word: Legendary

What’s one fashion piece/advice I brought from my time at LSU: Stay confident

My style in the league has changed because of:   Perspective of others broadening my creativity

Favorite shoes: Forces

Styles Assisted by Madeline Berto

Kwon Alexander

Katia Dragotis

Madeline Berto

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Written by Katia Dragotis

Katia Dragotis hails from the tundra of Minnesota and is unthawing in sunny Los Angeles as ProTrending's COO. She believes in the identity of brands and using your voice as a platform for change. She believes sports fashion is a lot like rosé, it's not just good on the weekends.

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