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Sep 11

NFL Sunday’s Best Dressed: Week 1 Edition

After an off season filled with drama, the NFL is back! Check out our picks for who showed up with the flyest fits.

How wild was that offseason? Between Antonio Brown switching jerseys like hoodies, Ezekiel Elliot and Melvin Gordon holding out for a Brinks truck payday, and JaDaveon Clowney becoming a Seahawk days before kickoff, it seems like there’s too much to catch up on! Fortunately, that’s never the case when it comes to fashion!

And if you’ve been following our posts @ProTrending, you know we’re ready to put the preseason behind us and suit up!

Welcome to WEEK ONE!

There’s no better time to set the fashion tone for a season than the 2019 kickoff. The critical questions an athlete asks themselves in the locker room before the game. Do I know my play book inside and out? Did I study enough game film on my opponent? And maybe the most important question of all… “What am I going to wear?” 

Good luck trying to tell the NFL’s elite that high fashion doesn’t come with high stakes.


Here’s our list of NFL Sunday’s Best Dressed: Week 1 Edition

#5 – Carson Wentz, QB, PHIL Eagles

Carson engineered a beautiful come from behind victory against the division rival Washington Redskins, but first, he engineered a spiffy look for week one. His salmon blazer and powder blue pants are tamed & tied together by his brick colored loafers. After going for over 300 yards and 3 TD’s, Carson was too hot for socks. Literally.

#4 –  Tom Brady, QB, NE Patriots

When you’ve got six Super Bowl rings at home and you’re the longest tenured QB in NFL history, less is more. Tom handled the post game press with a Patriots blue satin bomber jacket and clean white tee. After smashing on the Pittsburgh Steelers 33-3, Tom had on display his most winning accessory, that smile.

#3 – Jameis Winston, QB, TB Buccaneers

Jameis knows this season is the most important of his young career. The former number one overall pick wore a suit capable of lending gravitas to the young man’s post game fit. The pin-striped, burgundy jacket and black tie gave Jameis a serious air. The subtle splash of red on his watch face gives the look a little flair.

#2 – Russell Wilson, QB, SEA Seahawks

How cool is Russell Wilson? Try out dueling Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals to secure a last second win cool. And after his fourth-quarter heroics, Russell came out to talk to press looking like every gospel R&B artist has ever wanted to look. The simple design on his blazer meshes well with the simple black tee underneath. The cross on the chain completes the sharp, simple look.

#1 Sterling Shepard, WR, NY Giants

Sterling Shepard took the cake for us. Grey & white? Always fresh. Nike Air Force Ones crispier than autumn leaves? Matching your luggage? These are the moves of a style pro. The grey suit over the white button-up without the tie melds his modern style and classic fashion. The Nike’s add a dash of street to the fit. And can we talk about the grey leather shoulder holster/belt bag? This, friends, is the fit to beat.

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