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ProTrending’s Style King 2021-NBA Edition

By: Adam Sudman
July 30, 2021

Protrending is on a mission to find out who the best dressed NBA player is. We will be doing an 8-man bracket and letting the fans vote for which player you think is the better dressed athlete. The player with the most votes will advance to the next round until a winner is chosen.

Round 1:

Russell Westbrook Vs PJ Tucker

He has an intense sense of style that has gathered him an audience far beyond the pro- sports setting. He brings competitive dressing to crazy new heights, whether it be with all over patterns, overalls, preppy outfits, Canadian tuxedos, or crazy accessories. He definitely gets noticed on red carpets, but his pregame fits are what gets the fans attention. Russell Westbrook’s style vision is expansive. This NBA star also has his own brand “Honor the Gift” which pays tribute to his growing up years in LA and Hawthorne. He’s long been acknowledged as the “King of NBA style,” thanks to his fearless fashion sense. Not many can or will wear the avant garde ensembles that Russ sports to the post-game pressers, his style is dramatic and loud, and he wears it with the same kind of confidence that’s singled him out as one of the most intense players of his generation.


Our matchup picker wasted no time making it interesting! It is no secret that P.J. Tucker has an eye for fashion. His vast collection of rare sneakers granted him the title of “NBA Sneaker King,” over the last few years. He even wore $250k Custom Sneakers as his team ended the NBA Finals. P.J. sometimes wears things that are so exclusive people don’t even know how he got them. His fashion sense goes way past just sneakers, he released a collection of sunglasses with Temples and Bridges back in February. He also opened a boutique, Better Generation in Houston. With the help of his highly regarded stylist Kesha McLeod, he continues to put together some of the best outfits seen coming in through the NBA pregame tunnel. McLeod explains that she knows when to discuss his next game day fit and when to leave him to be by himself to lock in on the game, especially during playoffs.

Fan Voted Winner: Russell Westbrook


Jayson Tatum Vs James Harden

Tatum works with stylist Vick Michel in created his NBA tunnel outfits. He explains what they may be up till 2am sending photos back and forth of style or fashion inspiration. This season Jayson has been into the bright and pastel colors. He has had a handful of tunnel outfits where he is wearing pink, purple, and blue. If he wears a more casual outfit you can expect to see an eye- catching coat placed over top. His game day coat collection is very versatile he has everything from neon raincoats to solid color metallic puffer jackets. He knows how to dress up and how to dress down.

James Harden and the Brooklyn Nets run in the 2021 NBA playoffs might be over, but fashion, as is said, is never finished. In June, Harden was named to the board of luxury brand Saks Fifth Avenue. Harden said he had “love of fashion” Now he’s attending shows with rappers Kanye West and Lil Baby, and joined other celebrities like Cara Delevingne,  Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner and Jennifer Lawrence at the fashion house shows. Harden’s style is very bright and exciting he is not afraid to wear a certain material, print or color. His stylist is Kesha McLeod who has styled everything from P.J. Tucker to MMG’s album covers to Serena Williams’ wedding.


 Lebron James Vs Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 

While James does lean into athleisure, he keeps his outfits a thoughtful balance of casual and formal pieces. Jeans and a sweatshirt are topped by a great topcoat. Trousers totally appropriate for the office get paired with a hoodie and high tops. Stylist Rachel Johnson took LeBron James from NBA all-star to fashion superstar. Johnson’s influence spread throughout the NBA and bled into other sports. James also co-founded a clothing brand of his own, UNKNWN, with his childhood friend Frankie Walker Jr. and Jaron Kanfer. UNKNWN is a Miami-based retail destination and culture creator within the worlds of art, fashion, sports, and music.

When COVID-19 hit and then season was postponed, Shai still wanted to show his outfits he had planned on wearing during the season, so he created “Quarantine Fits.” He would have his brother take pictures of him and post them on social media to showcase what would have been his NBA tunnel outfits. Shai explained that fashion is a big part of what he loves, and a big passion of his. He also says that sometimes he puts on his old outfits he has worn before to reminisce. His style is very vibrant and fresh, he may wear an old school suit but then change it up by wearing no dress shirt and adding a satchel bag.

Fan Voted Winner: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

 Chris Paul vs Kyle Kuzma

Chris Paul is fashion standout. Together with his longtime stylist, Courtney Mays, the Phoenix Suns point guard has a wardrobe packed with on-trend pieces and coveted grails, yet manages to be unique to Paul’s history and personal taste. Whether he and Mays are drawing inspiration from a favorite movie, making a social or political statement, or finding new ways to wear Paul’s favorite wardrobe icons, every look is as personal as it is fashionable. In the 20-21 NBA season Chris gave all of his tunnel attention to HBCUs, almost every game. Chris’s style is timeless and meaningful he likes to really think about each of his outfits and try and put a meaning behind them, even as simple as a sweatshirt reminding him of something he would wear in middle school. Trouser pants are a staple of his and easy to pair with just about anything.



When Kuzma isn’t on the court, you can find him on social media displaying his sense of style. He is no stranger to the fashion industry, as he co-designed the All-Pro Kuzma Mid with Puma x Rhude, which was released back in November. Kuzma is even gearing up to release his debut fashion line, Childhood Dreams where he will serve as the Creative Director of the brand. This line allows for Kuzma to showcase his love and passion for fashion with others. He created the brand to produce everyday clothes while still embodying comfort, functionality, and style. The fashion line will be a rendition of his style, which we can’t seem to stay away from. No matter where Kyle is spotted, he is always dressed in a trendy way. A few fashion brands that he loves to wear include: Amiri, Fear of God, Heron Preston, and Rhude.

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