July 26, 2021 - ProTrending - News

Gronk Gets Ballet Lessons from Sports Illustrated Model

By: Adam Sudman
July 26, 2021

Throughout history we’ve heard of athletes taking unorthodox approaches to off-season training, including legends like Jerry Rice. Videos of Gronk dancing have help develop his popularity, but little did we know dancing has also helped develop his skills on the field.


Gronk‚Äôs girlfriend, Camille Kostek, is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model, host of¬†the show ‚ÄúWipe Out,‚ÄĚ professional cheerleader- and she’s been training her¬†boyfriend the art of classical ballet and ballroom dance to improve performance.¬†Kostek also used to be a Barre Instructor, which is all about turning ballet moves into strength¬†and cardio workouts. It really helps athletes of all kinds, with their agility and their reflexes. The¬†couple takes Barre classes together as well as ballroom dances together. Gronk loves a challenge¬†and will try just about anything he thinks could be difficult.

Along with endurance, dance allows athletes to use new muscles and have greater body strength overall. For those who participate in contact sports like football or rugby, dance allows the bones to strengthen so the risk of injury is a bit slimmer. Dancing increases coordination, motor fitness, muscle tone and spatial awareness. Those skills can come in handy for athletes who must arrange themselves into formations and track a tiny ball or puck across a
huge surface.

Rob Gronkowski has set many NFL records, including being the first player of his position to lead the league in receiving touchdowns (17 in 2011). He also has the most career postseason receiving yards by a tight end (1,163) and is the only tight end in NFL history to reach 1,000 or more yards in the playoffs. With camp starting this week, Gronk will look to transfer those lessons to the field as the Buccaneers look to defend the title.