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James Harden makes controversial mask choice

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James Harden makes controversial mask choice

By Asudzz

James Harden responded to criticism after photos circulated of the Houston Rockets Pro wearing a couple of face masks that were linked to Blue Lives Matter organizations when he arrived to the bubble in Orlando for the NBA Restart. Harden said “it was something that covered my whole beard. I thought it looked cool. That was it.” On top of that, fans also noted Harden is still undecided if he will have a Black Lives Matter message on the back of his jersey, or if he will keep it traditional like some other big NBA Pros and leave his last name on it. That brought out the conspiracy theorists who then exploded the internet! But let’s take it a step back here: Do you really know all the brands that you style in every single day?

James Harden wearing controversial mask

Let’s be honest we have all bought something in our life solely on how the way the product looks without knowing what brand made it and what that brand stands for. And if you have not made a purchase like that, then I commend you and wish to speak with you and learn your superpower skills! Yes, I know Harden is always in the limelight and should expect every time he steps out in public he is going to be photographed, but to give him criticism for the type of brand of mask he is wearing, is a bit much, when in fact we all do this. It is in our human DNA when we see something we like, we want it! I think we are all too accustomed of Pro’s always wearing designer name brands that we forget they are just like me and you and still buy things that they like simply on the way it looks not on how much it costed them to purchase the product.

The bigger picture we all should be getting out of this is WEAR A MASK! The 8-time All Star later stated “Honestly, I wasn’t trying to make a political statement. I wore it because it covered my face, my beard.” Instead of Harden taking heat on social media, we should be thanking him for doing his part in trying to stop the spread of corona virus!

So next time you get a chance go take a look at your closet and see if you know the brands who makes all of the clothes you style in!

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Written by Asudzz

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