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Sole King: Inside NFL Pro Bowler Donald Penn’s shoe collection

NFL Donald Penn's fashion style & shoe collection ProTrending

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Sole King: Inside NFL Pro Bowler Donald Penn’s shoe collection

It was the annual childhood trips to the Niketown store to pick out a single pair of sneakers for 3x NFL Pro Bowler Donald Penn that triggered a love, which has led to this moment: standing in the middle of his Los Angeles home, enclosed by only PART of his massive shoe collection. A far cry from the days where the Los Angeles native knew he was getting one, maybe two pairs of shoes for the entire year, we are literally standing in the middle of what determination and drive can deliver. His affinity for shoes, he got it from his daddy. Donald’s love affair with fashion began with his father, a fashionista ahead of his time.

Donald Penn NFL Shoe Collection
Donald Penn NFL Shoe Collection
NFL Player Donald Penn
A young Donald Penn with his father.

It stems from being young, watching mom and pops struggle to get me everything I wanted, so I always said that when I got older, I wanted to get whatever pairs of shoes that I want. It really did stem from me being younger, wearing a lot of different shoes; from the Payless shoe that would  fall apart after a couple of days, to the shoes I really wanted from Niketown for Christmas each year. I grew to love and be grateful for shoes. I got one or two pairs every year and I used to wash them every time I wore them to keep them as clean as possible!”

Donald became an athlete, and as he got older he got bigger – much bigger. As his feet grew from 13, to 14, to 15, to eventually stoping at 16, long were the days of swapping shoes with friends. An avid hooper, Donald realized that the annual gift certificate had to provide versatility. The shoe he bought needed to be as fresh in class as it was effective on the court. Enter, Nike’s Air Jordans. Donald Penn sums up what every sneaker-head already knows, telling us, “if you love shoes, how can you not love Jordans?!” As Donald’s journey to the NFL continued, he admits that any extra cash was easily going towards a new pair of J’s.

Donald entered the NFL in 2006 and soon his foundation of respect for footwear, paired with resilient hard work paid off; in the most serendipitous way. Signing an endorsement deal with Nike in just his second year in the league, Donald had officially gone from Niketown to Nike deal. “Once I got that Nike deal, I really went crazy,” he tells us, as we survey his current collection. Strolling through his endless options produces almost a dizzying effect of elation and it’s easy to identify why his admiration is so strong. Naturally, bigger paychecks sparked bigger designers in within his collection, and he dove into the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin. 

NFL Donald Penn Shoes
Gold Medal Jordan 6's
Donald Penn Jordan 1's
“These (Jordan 1s) just because they’re so hard to find. I got these from Flightclub and I paid $400 over retail for these. And then they got lost in the mail and I was pissed. So I went up to Flightclub and the day I went there was the day they got returned. These are some of my favorite pairs.”

Donald spreads the love when it comes to his shoe collection and ALWAYS stays true to his roots. An infectious smile and chuckle gleams across his face as he exclaims, “Man if you met my dad, my dad is one of the flyest dudes ever. My dad would always dress. And since I’ve been in the league, every birthday or Christmas I would buy my dad a pair of Louis, a pair of Guccis. My pops is always fresh and he really takes great care of them. I ain’t gonna lie pops is flyer than me. He still might have the first pair of Louis I bought him!” There’s a humble pride in his voice as he recalls those values his parents instilled in him and how he’s passing it on. “I try to teach my kids my love for shoes because I never had them when I was young. I try to teach how to love, enjoy and take care of them.” Watching his kids show interest in a passion he held onto with his own parents, sparks a joy within Donald. A realization that what surrounds us, goes way beyond the leather and labels. 

NFL Donald Penn and father
Donald Penn NFL Shoe Collection
"These right here have been through the ringer. These have been in the mud, I had to get them professionally cleaned 6 times!"
NFL Player Donald Penn

Donald’s exquisite tastes, coupled with his above average frame, have guided him in his collection. He has a complete understanding of footwear, in a way few designers do. He understands the need for style, comfort and the fit. An aspect he’d like to bring to the NFL, and show the line some love.

If I show you some of the cleats they give us, they give us standard, while the receivers get some fly, nice cleats. I would really love to design some linemen cleats. Our cleats look so basic that we don’t get to shine like the others. They give the swag to the other players,” Donald divulges. Comfort would be key in cleats designed by Donald Penn, an element he’s mastered, “I call my cleats Cadillacs because it’s a smooth ride baby.” Touches of patent leather and nods to his favorite off-the-field kicks would be sure to adorn his collection of cleats.

In the years to come, watch out for some of Donald’s design concepts sneaking into kicks and cleats for the savvy consumer, the passionate players and the aficionados of flyness.

Here’s an inside look at some of the most unique and special shoes from Donald Penn’s collection: 

NFL Donald Penn Shoe Collection
"I’m planning on getting a lot more 1s in different colors... put all the 1s together so the numbers line up. As long as you can see everything it makes it easier."
Donald Penn NFL Shoe Collection
Ken Griffey x Nike - Air Griffey Max 1 'Purple Venom'
Donald Penn NFL Shoe Collection
Donald Penn NFL Shoe Collection
‘Superman’ Air Jordan 4 Doernbecher - retail $150 resale: $2,000 (StockX) -Roernbecher designed by Isiah Scoot, 11-y/o Isiah Scott - WB approved the Superman logo for Scott

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