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Headquarters (HQ): Vienna, Austria



Our goal has always been to open a streetwear store in Vienna and to bring exclusive brands from all over the world, to Vienna. In the mid-price segment, we have opened a store for men in 2018. The focus has been clearly on vintage and streetwear styles since the beginning. Practicality, functionality and comfort run through the entire concept, the design of the store and the products.

The first WHYAT product was a hoodie only for me, Philipp and my brother Bernhard. Due to the great demand on Instagram, as well as from friends and family, we started off with limited quantities of this hoodie - after only two days it was sold out for the first time. We increased quantities and took up ideas from friends as well. From print to print, more and more people became aware of WHYAT, among them some football players of the leading Viennese clubs, as well as international top clubs. Suddenly we had well-known football-stars wearing our products on Instagram or in the stadium. At that moment we realized, that not only friends or fans of the store appreciate the brand, the name WHYAT and our philosophy.

So we started to focus intensively on WHYAT as a brand. Our goal was to design the perfect cuts and daily products that we, as well as our customers, like to wear in our everyday life. We searched for the perfect fabrics, tested different washings and after 9 months of intensive planning and development we could finally present our first bigger and independent collection. In the future there will be two main collections per year. Also smaller drops, with the aim of presenting the products whenever our customers need them, will round off the range in width and depth.

WHYAT sees itself as a brand that wants to offer you added value. You can fully rely on the qualities and we invite you to join us on our journey together. We design the products to bring your closet to a new level and to equip you perfectly.
Thank you for your trust in WHYAT!


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