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Tongoro is an African brand that dresses globally, and that will hopefully help the 'Made In Africa' label to become a gage of quality as it grows worldwide. The name itself resonates enough and the imagery tells a story I do not have to explain, and I believe that's the power of a good branding.

I am not a designer. But I do master image and storytelling, which I believe is a pretty good skill to have in this day and age. I do have a sense of style, and a passion for business.  The challenge was to come up with a concept different from what has so far been presented when it comes to African fashion, and find the right configuration to be profitable. I questioned myself as a potential customer and came up with a survey. As a style conscious person of African descent, I would buy African designs; I wouldn’t mind statement pieces, but I would like them to be something I could wear on a daily basis, something affordable, and something I could get easily, wherever I am.


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