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Denard “Blu” Brewster grew up during Atlanta’s OutKast, Goodie Mob, Kilo Ali era. This time proved to be the rise to of the city, to become the southeast’s center for music, fashion, and culture. He developed art through creative direction and styling clients. Inspired greatly by his travels accompanying clients internationally, Blu balanced influence from family and friends as well. You will often hear his mantra “Resident of Atlanta...citizen of the world.”  Blu’s artistic mediums range from canvas and wood, to denim and French terry fabrics. With his daughter and protégée by his side, Blu looks to speak to hearts of lovers of art. 

-Began with youth mentoring program at my workshop in Atlanta in 2016, teaching teens how to sew with fabric scraps. Truly sustainable in every way but we didn’t call it that. We used what we had and shared it.
-Made soft animals from the fabric scrams and distributed to children’s wards in hospitals throughout Atlanta.
-Debuted a series of paintings on canvas at Art Basel in 2019
-Extended the leisurewear to “shackets” using fabric scraps. 

Behind the Seams: Terrace Marshall Jr NFL Draft Style

New Carolina Panthers wide receiver, Terrace Marshall Jr, gives a behind the scenes look at his NFL Draft night outfit to ProTrending.

BY: Tyson Prince

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