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Alberto Hernandez: The Man Behind Meshika. I am a third generation hat-maker; my father and grandfather began teaching me how to make hats when I was twelve years old. When I first learned how to make hats I was not particularly passionate about the craft, but all that changed when I saw "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" with Clint Eastwood. I still remember the feeling of electricity running through my body when I saw those western hats - dirty and worn, powerful and timeless. It was a style of hat I had never seen before.

Seeing my hats on my clients gives me the most beautiful feeling - it's how I know I was born to make hats. I love how my creations enable me to make others feel good about themselves. I love that my hats make people smile, give them confidence, and make them courageous.

I created Meshika so that I could reach more people with my hats.

I created Meshika to give people the unique joy creating a hat can bring.

I created Meshika for the people.


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