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Since her first steps at the Parsons School of Design Naomi Gunther questions the codes of men's fashion through audacious collections, under female influence, and a strong attention to details. Particularly attentive to the textures, colours and energies that surround her in Paris or during her travels, Naomi Gunther promotes an effortless chic style in all circumstances, timeless and remarkable, refined materials and ancestral know-how. In January 2019 and with the arrival of Gabin Ducourant as Director of Image, they gave birth to GUNTHER, a Parisian brand of contemporary-luxury clothing. Their vision: to dress the modern man, chic and casual, with comfortable cuts, responsible materials and a creative parti-pris.

Made in France, manufactured in Parisian workshops, the brand works for committed, ethical fashion and puts the environment at the centre of its concerns. The use of organic, natural or recycled raw materials and short-circuit production cycles, on pre-order, are part of an approach that aims to be as eco-responsible as possible. Willing to showcase French know-how and the artistic richness of the capital, the brand is multiplying creative collaborations with emerging artists and designers. Building a creative ecosystem beyond clothing is an essential component of the brand, a means of sharing new experiences, exploring new territories of expression and supporting creation in all its forms.


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