Terrace Marshall: Born with it & Built Different

Terrace Marshall: Born with it & Built Different
Terrace Marshall NFL Draft Fashion

Louisiana’s latest prodigy, Terrace Marshall, has a date with Destiny on Draft Night. And, to hear him tell it, the man is ready for it all.

Louisiana is ready for her favorite son to meet the world. With the NFL Draft coming at him like a freight train to Georgia,  LSU wide receiver and Louisiana native Terrace Marshall has the eyes of the world on him. Recently, Terrace took time out of his busy schedule to chat with ProTrending about everything from fashion to philosophy. And, to hear him tell it, the man is ready for the world.

On the field, Terrace’s style is as basic as it is unpredictable. Be bigger, be stronger, move faster and come down with the ball. How Terrace manages this is where the magic comes from. Off the field, Terrace is just as calculated with his fashion. “I don’t like to be predictable,” Terrace explained, when asked about his guiding principles when putting together an outfit. “I like to wear stuff that’s new… [things] people don’t have, haven’t seen, just to introduce it to the world. [I’m] more than an athlete. I have my own personal desires. I am earthly. I can relate to people outside of football.” Terrace being Terrace has brought the man to the precipice of greatness, where he is now, a detail that has not escaped his notice. “I didn’t follow after anybody, for style. Everything I did was unique. I always been good at doing things that best benefit me and my personality. Always wanted to be myself. Nobody else….Pop out with some new stuff.”

The NFL Draft is bringing the world’s attention to Terrace’s doorstep. “People really look at me as somebody,” Terrance noted, contrasting the fact with another. “Cause I was once a nobody.” Terrace’s response to his waxing fame parallels his approach to his style. “[Fame] put me in a humble position, to be thankful to actually be somebody that someone will look up to and respect.” At 20 years old (21 in 2021), Terrace fully embraces the gravitas of his newfound status. “It’s big for me.” Plainly, gratitude and humility come naturally to Terrace, as natural as his keen fashion sense. “One thing about fashion is, I say, you[‘re] born with fashion. That’s not something you can force. I was born with it. I wake up, I put it on… It’s more like fun to me, it’s more a hobby. That’s how I know it’s meant for me. I’m not really forcing it. It’s just my desire.”

Whatever outfit Terrace “wakes up” and “puts on,” there is one accessory he never steps out without. Character. “Character plays a big part in who you are and how you present yourself… If you take your good character with you, people will accept you how you is.” The perfect fit, coupled with a natural style and strong character, is a winning combination with a perfect track record of  success. “Walk in a room… eyes up, big smile, respecting everybody, it really don’t matter what you’re wearing.”

With an approach all his own, Terrace’s philosophies for life and fashion go hand-in-hand. “[It’s] natural for me to think outside the box… do things that best fit me. To show my creativity and my style.” When millions tune in to meet Terrace Marshall the professional, Terrace will stand tall, smile, and look the world in the eye, letting his character and style handle the introductions. “ [Fashion is] a way of reaching out to the world, [to] show your personality. I try to express everything I do,” Terrace emphasized. “Not be quiet with it.” 

Before Terrace Marshall makes noise in the NFL, his first introduction to the world of professional American football will come A pril 29th  with the NFL Draft. ProTrending will keep you posted on Terrace’s Draft Night fit with an exclusive look at his get-up, from the designer details to the custom come-ups.

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