Rookie Style Files with Arizona Cardinals' Isaiah Simmons

Rookie Style Files with Arizona Cardinals' Isaiah Simmons

Arizona Cardinals’ rookie Isaiah Simmons just gets ‘it.’ The No.8 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft is poised with a level of maturity and self-awareness that is easily conveyed upon meeting him. While it’s clear that Isaiah feels prepared for life after “Death Valley,” the defensive threat seems to have also picked up a few fashion lessons during his time at Clemson. “We always had competitions each week on who was going to look the best going to the games with your suit game, I normally beat everybody. Even going to the locker room every day we were always talking about who’s best dressed on the team, and I always seemed to be in that conversation.” Isaiah Simmons NFL Fashion Style

As the lights on the fashion field of the NFL continue to brighten, Isaiah will be tasked with bringing the versatility he’s known for in his game into his closet. “Normally I let my shoes do the talking, but now I’m venturing into some different things, stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit. My favorite color is black, it’s kind of weird, so I wear a lot of black, but now I’m venturing out and wearing more colorful things.” In anticipation of the season, we partnered with celebrity stylist and C.E.O. of Ricco Noir Studios, London Wilmot, to heat up Isaiah’s “simple but effective” style. 

Isaiah Simmons NFL Fashion Style

The looks London pulls for her clients feels effortless; an easy nod to her bright personality. As she tapped into the self proclaimed sneakerhead’s style, she felt Isaiah’s vibes motivated her to “keep it sharp and keep it edgy” with the looks. “For me, it was really cool to go to his page and see that he already had an aesthetic going for him. I love mixing and matching sneakers with a lot of different high end brands so I loved his selection of sneakers and how he transitioned into bigger brands. I think Gucci was the one for me that stood out and he rocked really well. That was one of the brands I really connected with first because I felt like it was his style and was very easy for me to transition into.”

London pulled nine looks for Isaiah’s rookie style file, options for the NFL tunnel and beyond, and we dove in to reveal how they play into his personality.


Isaiah Simmons NFL Fashion Style

London: “This look for me was just something I thought was different for Isaiah. The colors were different. I loved that it’s just a summery vibe. I also saw that he likes to rock Vans, so I saw this was an opportunity to break up the Jordans and slip in a different piece and aesthetic. Kind of a surfer vibe, but still very put together. I think for the guys in the league, when they are walking that hallway, it’s a way for them to feel like a rockstar and I felt like those colors do that.”

Isaiah: “When I first pulled it out i was like ‘oh man, i’ve never really worn anything like this..I felt kinda like a skater or something.’ Once i put it on, I saw how it flowed together nicely. It gave me a lot of summer and boat vibes.”

Isaiah Simmons NFL Fashion Style JORDAN 1 RETRO OG

Isaiah:“That was a contender for one of my favorites, this one really stood out. I really liked the long coat, it’s really dark but it pops at the same time. When I saw that, before I even put it on, I was digging it a lot. It gives you a casual look but also kind of professional and then of course you’ve got 1’s on!

London: “This is my ‘we just won a game, we’re on a streak, I’m coming out here cold. I’m in all black, I came to kill, type of vibe.’ I love it. I love the long coat, it kind of gives some mystery, so that was my idea for this look.”

Isaiah Simmons NFL Fashion Style JORDAN 23 ENGINEERED VEST

When it comes to sneakers, it’s hard to argue with a classic and for Isaiah they are too nice to even touch. “My favorite shoe is really basic honestly, it’s the Banned Jordan 1’s. I actually haven’t worn them, because I’d hate for someone to step on them and ruin my day or year, so they’re just sitting on ice.” For this next look from Team Jordan, London pushed Isaiah beyond his love for Jordan 1’s. 

London: “That’s a full Jordan look, from Team Jordan, shout out to them, they show a lot of support and I love what they are doing. They are transitioning into having a bigger fashion impact. I feel like everyone just thinks about their shoes, but this vest and the colors they brought, I was able to mesh it with some shoes that are just dropping. I really rock with it. It was something for him to feel very comfortable in and maybe if he was traveling to California, Texas, somewhere hot and he just wanted to toss on that one, I think it’s a cool look.”

 (The Hare Jordan 6’s) “We got them a little early, They are 6’s – it’s a shoe that you just wanna grab when it comes back out. I feel like it’s in my top for sure.”

Isaiah: It used to be my goal to have every single Jordan number, but the more I grew up, the more I focused in on 1’s. I used to wear 6’s a lot. The infrared used to be one of my favorites for some odd reason. I actually kept that pair. I really like these tho, normally I don’t get any Jordan’s if they aren’t 1’s, unless it’s an OG, like Bred 4’s, that’s obviously a must cop. But if it’s not a 1 or 11, normally I don’t get them, but I’m really happy that I have these in my collection now. It’s all the colors in them, you can wear it so much, it’s a nice summer shoe I feel like.” 

Isaiah Simmons NFL Fashion Style GUCCI WASHED DENIM PANT

London: “I really like that because it had the exaggerated arms, he looks really well cut, put together but it’s still really comfortable and edgy. With the jeans, giving the biker effect, it’s really cool. For this look, I feel like after a game interview it’s great. If he wants to have a quick convo and dash and be out, it’s something he can rock both ways.”

Isaiah: “I feel like it’s a diverse fit, like she said, you can be professional with it, but if you want to step out later, you can still be good to do that. It gives you multiple layers.”


London: “I love having a mix of highs and lows and adding from the traditional collection of a man’s closet to something a little un traditional. I think the t-shirt breaks it down, doesn’t make him feel too stiff, but he still looks really clean. I love love the Ace Gucci sneakers, everything lands perfectly together. Of course with physique, that’s a huge thing I look towards as well. I knew the t-shirt would sit right with a cardigan on top and I feel like this is a hit and something I’d love to see him in during the season.”

Isaiah: “I actually have a really similar pair of Gucci sneakers, they have a strap over the top they say Gucci with the two lines. (The Gucci Jacquared Stipe Leather Lace Up Sneaker) I actually got those to wear during the season last year, so I feel like this fit is something that’s definitely going to have to be pulled out in the season. I pulled it out, it was comfortable, I just loved how it felt, and looked, I just said ‘ya, this is me right here’. My dad said right away too, ‘ya, i like that, I like that’. I felt like the cardigan with the tee, I felt like it was me all the way, I was a big fan.”

Isaiah Simmons NFL Fashion Style GUCCI WEB COLLAR POLO

London: “I saw a couple polos on his page, when he’s trying to be cleaned up, dapper, and that’s what I got from his vibe, He’s a dapper dude, still chillin, rocking the jeans but he’s very clean cut. I love this look on him. I love to switch it up with the loafers, just to break it up a bit, just to show he’s very versatile.”

Isaiah: “Sometimes it’s nice to just feel clean but also be comfortable with it. It gives you that smooth, clean look with the loafers and the polo. You could have your shirt tucked, or not tucked with this look, have a nice belt to show to compliment the fit. It’s a really clean look.”


London: “The track suit is something I feel like a lot of people slept on back in the day, and i feel like Kanye, hate to say it, but he was one of the people that said this is going to be the new look and something that people dress up. I feel like Gucci smacks it with that, they’ve done an amazing job of just elevating the jump suit look. The track bottoms with the sneakers, you just still look really put together and that’s what I love about it. I think it’s one of those looks that you put it on and you’re ready to go, it’s really quick and easy.”

Isaiah: “The jumpsuits have most definitely made a comeback. I actually have a lot of full matching jump suits. I love the Nike tech fleet ones, so I wear a lot of those. The crazy thing is I’ve always wanted one of the Gucci ones, like when I put that on I was immediately like ‘oh ya, this is it right here’. I’ve seen them around and I’ve always wanted one, I literally love it, it’s like a baby.”



London: “This for me, is something that touches home, because it is my brand. I love it just because I think it’s a piece where a lot of the guys who are moving around from the plane to the game, to this or that, I just love putting those pieces onto them where they are just comfortable, there’s a little graphic on them. They are able to mix it up and it still has a little color, but it’s really relaxed feel, it’s just a good fit when moving city to city.”

Isaiah: “That fit is right up my alley, it’s really simple but really effective at the same time. To me, I always look at outfits as what sneakers can I wear with these, and with this fit there’s just so many sneakers I could wear with that outfit. It’s not seasonal, it was just right up my alley on what I wear a lot.”


London: “So with that outfit I wanted Isaiah to still feel comfortable and athletic but dressed. The Golden Goose do a perfect job of giving the athletic feel but a clean touch. The hat gives it a lifestyle feel. Together those pieces are great for Isaiah’s complexion and give a fun new approach to his style.”

When he’s not training, Isaiah reveals that his interests may come as a surprise to those who have merely seen his style on the ‘gram. “Off the field, I like to do a lot of outdoorsy things. I grew up fishing and riding dirt bikes pretty much every single day. I like to go to the lake and wakesurf, I feel like if you saw the way that I dress, you probably wouldn’t expect that I like to do so many outdoor activities. I feel like it’s kind of opposite than what you’d expect.” While Isaiah may not see the touches of his Midwest upbringings in his style, I think it’s revealed in the fashion foundation he’s building upon. A steady stream of classics with a brush of designer flare helps to paint the story of staying true to your roots, while embracing new paths paved. 

This season, he’s in it to win it with fashion. “I’ve seen players do a couple things. Mecole Hardman, he wears his jet suit, and dresses up in different things, but then I see guys like Travis Kelce for instance, he gets in his bag, you can tell he’s into fashion just by how he carries himself,” states Isaiah. And for that ‘best dressed’ new teammate of Isaiah’s, aka DeAndre Hopkins, he already sees how his style tells a story. “Obviously not everyone knows him, but I feel like for the people who DO know him, it really suits who he is as a person and it just kinda explains him as a person. His swag is definitely different.”

For young athletes, transitioning their closet into the professional realm, London tells us it’s best to stick to their core and educate themselves on brands they find intriguing. “My advice is to learn a brand and appreciate a brand you like and really grow from there. I feel like when you move into different brackets, you kinda just go to one store and go crazy and I think the guys should just focus on building and learning about different brands to continue to grow your closet over time. I think that’s what makes a great closet, having unique pieces and not just going on a crazy shop and adding a bunch of random stuff.”  

There’s an eager intensity as Isaiah tells us, “You have less than 20, LITERALLY 20 times or less to get in your bag, get in your fashion and to show what you got. I feel like I’m not going to come how I’m going to play, but more my interest in fashion.” 

Style Like a Pro:

If you’re looking to Style Like A Pro and that pro is Isaiah Simmons, be sure to start with some fresh sneakers and go up from there.

Isaiah: “If you don’t want to go wrong with the fit, you can never go wrong with a simple graphic tee, and then for the jeans, just depends on what shoes you’ve got on. And of course if you don’t want to go wrong, gotta go with some 1’s.”

London Wilmot

Isaiah Simmons

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