Behind the Seams with Fashion Designer Chad Johnson

Behind the Seams with Fashion Designer Chad Johnson

MensFashionMiami. Some of you may know the Instagram handle. If you follow ProTrending, you’ve absolutely seen it tagged with some of the biggest names in the sports world. If you’re in Miami, you might call him Ocho Blanco. But what Chad Johnson, the tailor and designer will be remembered for, is his custom creation company, Duane and Johnson. I met up with Chad while he was on a recent business trip in LA. He was shopping for fabrics and when I inquired if he’d still be there for a bit and we could chat, he responded with “I can be here all day”. He wasn’t kidding. Walking through the textured columns, lined with cuts of possibility, it’s as if you can see Chad’s mind constructing. While he doesn’t live full-time in LA, he knows every inch of this store, guiding me to specific fabrics with passionate enthusiasm of which client he’ll use it for.

designer Chad Johnson of Duane and JohnsonAs we stroll, Chad details how he came to fully discover and embark on what he calls his “purpose” as a master tailor and designer. A keen eye for the precise needlework that his grandmother stitched in her quilts, ignited a fire, which quickly translated into a love for menswear. But what truly put a needle in his hand, was of course, a Miami night for the Miami raised man. A James Bond themed party to be exact, and Chad’s inquisitive desire to meet the person who handmade an epic suit at that party. That guy, was Tim Brown, who would eventually, after much pleading from Chad, become his mentor. “I sent him an e-mail every 3 to 4 days for four months straight, until he truly took my desire to learn the craft seriously.” Upon their first lesson, Tim, who is also self-taught, preached how these skills would separate him from the game. “I give all my credit to Tim when it comes to my sewing skills,” Johnson states, who’s adamant on continuing to complete all his own sewing.

From learning alterations, to pattern making, to a full blown suit, Chad Johnson, the tailor was being formed. Chad tells me a proper, hand constructed suit takes a minimum of 60 hours to complete. The first professional athlete Chad tested his skills on was Lamar Miller. Football teammates in high school, their friendship laid a new pattern to providing custom fits to athletes. “That’s my guy! I owe a lot of things to him and Jarvis (Landry), they opened doors for me”. Duane and Johnson Chad Johnson

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Chad Johnson

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