Behind the Bapestas: Brandon Ingram’s 1/1s

Behind the Bapestas: Brandon Ingram’s 1/1s

Brandon Ingram has been tearing it up since he landed in New Orleans. Not only was he the NBA’s most improved player last season, but he also appeared in his first All-Star game. His game is undeniably top-tier and his style is also one of the most notable in the league. Mixing high-end designer pieces with unique streetwear brands and classic vintage tees, Ingram is just as smooth off the court as he is on the hardwood.

Brandon Ingram NBA Fashion Style Bapes Prada

Prada nylon top & bottom, with custom Prada Bapestas

Brandon Ingram NBA Fashion Style Bapestas

Helly Hansen puffer, Rick Owens DRKSHDW pants, with green custom spiked Bapestas

Throughout the season we have kept our eyes on BI and seemingly every time he walks down the tunnel they drop to the heat on his feet. As an Adidas athlete, the closest thing Ingram can wear to Air Force 1’s is the A Bathing Ape Bapestas. Many times this year we’ve seen him in the highly coveted Bapestas, but most of his have had a bit more splash to them. After connecting with Chip the Creator on Instagram about a year and a half ago, the two have teamed up and created some head-turning kicks.

Brandon Ingram NBA Fashion Style Prada Bapes

Prada Nylon shirt, with white custom spiked Bapestas

Brandon Ingram NBA Style Bapestas

Reggie Miller Vintage T, with custom ‘Jugg’ Bapestas

We got the chance to talk to Chip the Creator, who began customizing shoes when he needed some extra money during his time in college. With his friends’ support, he started an Instagram account highlighting his creations. He had previously been in contact with Ingram, but it wasn’t until recently, when Chip moved down to New Orleans and they started truly working together.

Chip the Creator Brandon Ingram Bapes

Chip the Creator’s Workspace

Once they were in the same city, BI began texting him color schemes that he wanted the Bapestas in. Chip would then go to his iPad and create six to eight different mockups that integrated both his style and Ingram’s, all matching the specific colorway. After Ingram picked his favorite, Chip would begin the hand-painting transformation. He described each pair as extremely neat and well polished, while always being something he would rock. This was an important aspect of Chip’s design process, as there isn’t a creation of his that he wouldn’t personally wear. When asked about his experience working with Ingram, Chip told us “It’s been really good. He’s down to earth and just a really cool dude.” 

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Contact @chipthecreator on Instagram to purchase your own pair!

Custom Prada Spiked Bapestas Brandon Ingram NBA

Custom Prada Spiked Bapestas

Custom Green & Tan Spiked Bapestas Brandon Ingram NBA

Custom Green & Tan Spiked Bapestas

Custom ‘Jugg’ Bapestas Brandon Ingram NBA

Custom ‘Jugg’ Bapestas

Custom White Spiked Bapestas Brandon Ingram NBA

Custom White Spiked Bapestas

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