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Billy Turner: Stitches of Irie

Billy Turner Fashion Irie

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Billy Turner: Stitches of Irie

There’s an energy that resonates within the voice of Green Bay Packers guard, Billy Turner. A wavelength of positivity that rides well above the proverbial mundane tone that is the current state of our world. What one might call an indescribable lift, Billy Turner calls ‘Irie’. It’s a term, really a mantra, that Billy chooses to not only be one with his personality, but heavily bleed into his work on the football field and passionate work in the fashion world.

Billy Turner Irie Fashion

2019 NFL Week 1 Fit:
Custom Irie shirt, Asos Pants, Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses, Coach Fanny pack, Nike Forces, Beads by Hoss, Foulari scarf

The Jamaican word, that roughly translates as ‘good’ or a general sense of approval, first entered his vocabulary after being drafted to the Miami Dolphins in 2014. Feeling the effects of the league, Turner made a conscious effort to change the vibes he projected and allowed into his life. “Being in the NFL, it’s such an up and down profession, very cut throat, there’s a lot of negative things that happen day in and out. I wanted to start molding myself around a different type of person that I wanted to work towards. A different type of person I wanted to become. And the word ‘Irie’ just came about and stuck with me. Something that I’ve tried over the last 7 years to incorporate into my life and also to the people around me.”

What’s so gripping about Billy, is his ability to lift the spirits around him through the positive affirmations he takes, and the fashion he brings into the world. Pressing him to elaborate how he maintains an elevated level in the hardest of times, he told me it’s all about being conscious of all his feelings and adapting where need be. “Being able to teach myself, to be positive, even when I’m negative. I take the time to attempt to put out positive vibes, whether that be in fashion, or social media, or whatever, when I get a response that it’s helped just one person, that helps me, that energy fuels me.”

Billy Turner Fashion Irie

Custom Fits for NFL Divisional Round Game
Conference Championship Game

“You’re in control of your own vibe, you’re in control of your own energy, you’re in control of your own personality, you’re in control of how other people portray you. Once I kind of figured that out, it’s just one of things, sometimes, it is easier said than done, negativity will bring you down, but one thing i know is that negativity can live with positivity, and vice versa.”

Billy commands the fashion stage that is the NFL with looks that are more often than not, completely custom by the league veteran. What makes his fits so powerful, is fueled way beyond the appeal of one-of-a-kind pieces, but the energy that is sewed within them. 

“I try to put messages, words and simply energy that I have when I’m creating clothing. I expect other people to take notice of that with what I’m creating.”

Billy Turner Fashion
Billy Turner Fashion Irie
Custom Piece for Billy Turner's Lifestyle Collection

“A lot of the bright stuff I wear, that’s me wanting to be a bright person. That’s the way I’m feeling and want to feel and the energy I really want to give to other people. I kinda just use ‘Irie’, I don’t want to use say placeholder, but it goes with who i am as a person and that blends with my fashion.

“A lot of what I do comes into words and imagery that I use. That’s a BIG part of the clothing I create. The stuff I make is really real. I pride myself on being an honest and authentic person. I want my lifestyle brand, I want my clothing to depict that to the world.”

2019 NFL Week 13 Custom Pieces

The energy that he puts into his game day fits plays a big part of his pregame routine. Making sure he has enough time before each game to go home and pull the perfect pieces that are reflective for that exact day is an important process for Billy. “It’s soothing to put together something that I vibe with.” Continuing, he tells me “the way that I dress is very much reflective of my mood of that day, per that game, per any event that I go to. Honestly, the feedback that I’ve gotten from those words, imagery, in the clothing I’ve created is that it drives people to want to wear what I’ve created because of the positive affirmations that’s weaved within it.”

Billy Turner COVID4Kindness

A hush of intentions coats the creative space for Billy, building a foundation for his visions. Developing a true community this off-season, he put together a team to help him launch his lifestyle brand. While everyone brings a different style to the mix, the common thread that stitches them together is the positive wave they ride. “Even my boys I grew up with, they started taking notice of it and now it’s to the point where, when my creative team is over, my boys come by too. I’m always telling them, grab whatever you see, start creating. For example, my boy Chase picked up and started drawing something and now I’m going to turn that into a patch.”

With original plans for pop-up shops at various events around the country, such as Coachella, Billy was ready to bring more ‘Irie’ to the masses. That was, before the COVID-19 global pandemic hit, and Billy, shifted his creative intentions to support. Launching #Kindness4Covid campaign with the “Have Kind Energy” shirt, 100% of purchases will go to address the shortages of PPE medical equipment and financial assistance for families in need. While known for his bright designs, the simplicity of the “Have Kind Energy” tee preaches a more delicate message; “one kind act a day can change the hearts and minds of those we come in contact with.” In addition to the t-shirt launch, he’s instilled a social media campaign, encouraging people to post acts of kindness with the #Kindness4Covid hashtag, with Turner donating a $1 per post. 


“Just being able to have that positivity and vibe around us and how ever I can make that come out in my clothing, it’s something that’s a work in progress, it’s something that’s not perfected yet, but it’s something that we are constantly striving to get better at.”


For more Information & to support #Kindness4Covid, visit:

Billy Turner Fashion

Billy Turner


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