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Jul 12

Better Together

The Microsoft Theater played host to the biggest gala in sports Wednesday when the ESPYS came to town. 

Words |  Tyson Prince

LOS ANGELES, CA – Is there any better accessory to an outfit than a beautiful partner?

Why settle for Gucci, when you can wrap Gabrielle around your sleeve? Who needs Prada on your wrist, when you have P.K. Suban holding your hand? When a couple cruises the red carpet in sync, they elevate one another. And not just in style…

... In status.

Watching a dapper duo take the carpet is like watching an All-NBA back court spin a defense like a top. Or witnessing a Hall of Fame quarterback/receiver duo pick apart a secondary. It’s spellbinding, exciting, electric. This year at the ESPY Awards, we saw our fair share of couples combining their couture. Because doing it alone is good.

But doing it together… is better.

We picked our five favorite tandems from Wednesday’s award show. Whether their couple goals were color coordinated, complementary, or completely unique, we found each of these stunning twosomes absolutely captivating on the carpet.

Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade

Former Miami Heat shooting guard Dwayne Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union brought some Miami swag out to the city of Angels, Wednesday. Fitted in Louis Vuitton, the couple complemented each other’s fits masterfully. Dwayne’s white-on-white modern tux subtly accentuated the white trim on Gabrielle’s floral dress. If the Heat had a backcourt this coordinated, perhaps Dwayne would still be suiting up for his squad.

Camille Kostek & Rob Gronkowski

Camille Kostek and Rob Gronkowski

Rob has a shirt on! The former New England Patriot is famous for his topless looks and jeans from 10 years ago (he’s very proud they still fit). However – for the red carpet, for his girlfriend and Sports Illustrated model Camille Kostek, and for the biggest night in sports fashion – Gronk took a page out of quarterback pal, Tom Brady’s catalogue, sporting a brilliantly cut three-piece suit. Beside Camille’s glittering burgundy gown, Gronk looks ready for Hollywood. If the three time Super Bowl champion resists the allure of returning for another season with the Pats, perhaps he will find more to do in LA than stunting under the sun with his beautiful partner in crime. 

Ciara & Russell Wilson

ciara and russell wilson

We all knew Russ & Ciara were cool. It’s no surprise the Seahawks quarterback and his pop diva wife turned heads on the 2019 ESPY red carpet. But who could have predicted a black-on-black ensemble, fit to raise Johnny Cash from the grave? Ciara’s dress, an elegant strapped & slitted number, was a jaw-dropping, show-stopping… I’m hopping outta my seat to write a thank you to the designer. And Russell’s jacket tho… laced with a floral print shiny and sheer enough to make Versace blush. Each stylish in their own right, this duo was nothing short of stunning taking to the theater. 

Lindsey Vonn & PK Subban

Lindsey Vonn and PK Subban

Some couples coordinate their outfits. Others could use a little more coordination. Hockey star P.K. Subban and Olympic snowboarder Lindsey Vonn took a different route altogether. They brought their own individual flair to the carpet – P.K. in a single-breasted suit, wide cut trousers and a broad, and a black brimmed hat while Lindsey went for a sparkling gown split to her hip. Apart, one could hardly tell they came together. But together, they helped to reflect one other’s classy, unique style. Of course, if we were security at the door, P.K.’s trouser cut might not… make the cut. 

Megan Rapinoe & Sue Bird

megan rapinoe and sue bird

Who would have thought this year’s blazer with no shirt underneath ESPYS attendee would come from the (*World Champion*) US Women’s National Soccer Team? Well, when you’re Megan Rapinoe and you’re fresh off one of the most dominant performances in US international competition history, you kind of do what you want. Megan’s partner and Seattle Storm point guard Sue Bird followed suit… sort of. Sue’s jacket extends to serve as a skirt. That’s a look we don’t see very often. Meanwhile, Megan opted for cut off trousers with tuxedo pants as shorts. Now where have we seen that before…

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