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NHL’s Arizona Coyotes Dress Down the Dress Code and Ditch the Business Suits

We are in the year 2021, and many things are frequently changing all around us. The coronavirus pandemic shifted conventional standards, pushing various industries into a new direction of normalcy, especially our way of dressing. Sweatpants and pajamas are frequently worn in a remote environment, and many workers are ditching business attire for casual attire. […]

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Coast to Coast Style with Sue Bird

WNBA Legend Sue Bird joins ProTrending to talk about her fashion style, how it has evolved over her career and how her hometown of New York has played into it.

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Tunnel Talk with Axel Toupane

ProTrending sits down with Milwaukee Bucks Axel Toupane to discuss his fashion style.

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Behind the Seams: Terrace Marshall Jr’s NFL Draft Night Fashion

Blessed by Atlanta-based designer MFBlu, Louisiana’s Terrace Marshall will be styling in a custom one-of-one jacket when the NFL calls his name on Draft Night. ProTrending got an exclusive behind the scenes look at Terrace's Draft Fashion.

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Terrace Marshall: Born with it & Built Different

Louisiana’s latest prodigy, Terrace Marshall, has a date with Destiny on Draft Night. And, to hear him tell it, the man is ready for it all.

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Rookie Style Files with Elijah Hughes

ProTrending gets an inside look of Utah Jazz's Elijah Hughes' fashion style. Elijah talks about the 2020 NBA Draft and the custom outfit he wore by Kelli Crawford of EPIQ Customs.

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Behind the Bapestas: Brandon Ingram’s 1/1s

A look into New Orleans Pelicans' Brandon Ingram fashion Style and his custom Bapestas. Exclusive on ProTrending.

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Vashti Cunningham: Woman of the 21st Century

Vashti Cunningham is the woman the girl of the 21st Century grew up to be:  powerful, professional and unapologetically herself. We caught up with the Olympic high jumper to talk style & fashion.

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NBA All-Star Roster Sneaker Edition Western Conference

NBA All-Star Roster Sneaker Edition Western Conference

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NBA All-Star Roster Sneaker Edition: Lebron James

Lebron James NBA All Star roster and a look at his best and worst sneakers from the 2021 season.

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Fashionable Five NBA All-Star Eastern Conference: Sneaker Edition

Fashionable Five NBA All-Star Eastern Conference: Sneaker Edition. ProTrending breaks down the shoes of Kyrie Irving, Bradley Beal, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joel Embiid and Jayson Tatum.

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INSIDE LOOK: Sneaker Drops 2021

ProTrending gives fans an inside look at the latest sneaker releases and drops in 2021!

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INSIDE LOOK: Sneaker Drops of February 2021

An Inside Look at Sneaker Drops of February 2021! Including retro Jordans, Air Jordan 6's, Adidas' Harden 5, Reebox Allen Iverson and Ken Griffey Max.

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Authentic Style with Erica Wheeler

Los Angeles Sparks point guard Erica Wheeler speaks with ProTrending about her fashion style, massive sneaker collection and relationship with Adidas.

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Tunnel Talk with Ike Taylor

ProTrending sits down with former Pittsburgh Steelers star Ike Taylor to discuss Super Bowl LV, NFL Fashions and his own style.

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Devin White: Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Buckeroo

A look into Tampa Bay Buccaneers Devin White unique fashion style oof the NFL field.

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Dion Dawkins is Don Dion of the Buffalo Drip

Buffalo Bills Dion Dawkins fashion style.

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Tunnel Talk with Mecole Hardman

Reigning Super Bowl Champ, Mecole Hardman, of the Kansas City Chiefs has serious style. He speaks with ProTrending about his fashion and breaks down his looks from this NFL season.

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Buckeye Boys Fashion in the League: Terry McLaurin & Chase Young

Washington Football players and former Ohio State Buckeye players Terry McLaurin and Chase Young fashion style during the 2020 NFL Season.

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Billy Turner is protecting more than quarterbacks

Green Bay Packers' Billy Turner talks about his new lifestyle brand, 'Public Immunity' and the inspiration for the unique pieces.