ProTrending gives fans the opportunity to engage with players on a more personal, stylish level. Lending an opportunity for fans to style EXACTLY like their favorite pros, our team of fashion experts, stylists and trendsetters curate outfits worn by popular athletes and bring them to the closet of the fans. ProTrending gives professional athletes the e-commerce platform to launch their own personal brands and designs with a sales cycle fueled by unique content and a dedicated fanbase. Our branding team works with athletes to create a unique vision for their personal brand, products and online pro shop. 


Design and Production

At ProTrending we curate your creative ideas at any stage and bring them to life. Our expertise and relationships within the manufacturing and production side of the fashion and apparel industry allows us to offer a multifaceted approach to each project we touch. Specializing in design for apparel and accessories. Ranging from tees, cut & sew and headwear, we provide new designs and ideas that align with your brand. All designs have final approval by talent before taking to market. Domestic and overseas production available depending on the client's needs.

Logistics & Fulfillment

Logistics and fulfillment can be challenging and problematic for organizations. With a strong emphasis on communication and streamlining, ProTrending provides a comprehensive approach to logistics. Furthermore, our vast network of warehouse facilities offers our clients a myriad of fulfillment options, along with superior customer service. 


Relationships are the core of the ProTrending business model. These connections, paired with strong communication allows us to strategically advise each individual and brand that passes through ProTrending with individualized attention and expertise.

Brand Partnerships

Key relationships with reputable brands across multiple categories. ProTrending has the ability to bridge the gap between like minded brands, stylists and athletes in many categories. 



Unique, engaging and informative content is king at ProTrending. Does your client have a unique and engaging story, let our talented content team help tell it.


Contact us at Stylelikeapro@ for more information