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May 01

ProTrending’s 2019 Top 10 NFL (Fashion) Draft Picks

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Draft Day is as close to Paris Fashion Week as the National Football League gets. Televised in primetime across the nation, the first round of the NFL draft is the first opportunity for 32 young athletes to show of their style to the world. In short, when Goodell is on the mic… make sure your fit is tight.  


We at ProTrending wanted to reimagine the entire schoolyard pick concept. What if instead of game film and combine numbers, players were drafted according to suit cuts and shoe shades? 40 times and bench press reps are important, sure. But here at ProTrending, we like to think a well-dressed man represents a confident man. And if we’re drafting a young man out of college to lead our squad, he better have some serious swag. Sit back and allow us to kickstart your fashionista imagination. 


 The following isn’t the actual top 10 NFL draft picks for 2019. But they would be if ProTrending were in charge. 

#1 (#1 overall) Kyler Murray QB – Arizona Cardinals

With all eyes on Kyler, the Oklahoma State quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner dressed to impress. Styling a pink, three-piece suit, Kyler married styles on the red carpet like he does on the gridiron. From the matching tie & pocket square and double-breasted vest to his all-white sneakers, Kyler styled like he was born for the limelight. Murray cited Leo DiCapprio’s Great Gatsby as his inspiration for the look, but we can’t help but wonder if cotton candy and Easter Peeps didn’t play a role as well.

Kyler Murray dazzles on draft night.

#2 (#2 overall) Nick Bosa DE – San Francisco 49ers

Nick took his moment on the red carpet to represent. The former Ohio State Buckeye took a page from fellow defensive end Michael Strahan’s book, sporting a special suit from Strahan’s line courtesy of JCPenney. The future 49er put a cherry on top with a custom OSU lining inside the jacket. Paired with black loafers, Bosa kept it modern, dressy and stylish. Real slick, Nick.

Nick Bosa reppin’ THE Ohio State

#3 (#7 overall) Josh Allen LB – Jacksonville Jaguars

JCPenney and Michael Strahan scored another top 10 spokesperson with the linebacker phenom, Josh Allen. The modern print on his jacket, paired with the single gold chain, black slacks, and an open black shirt gave us flashes of Run DMC. The black shades and unique style is pure swag, landing Josh in our top 5 ‘most fitted.’ Not pictured, (but still a factor), are Josh’s Versace loafers and the custom lining inside the jacket with his son’s name and birthday monogrammed.

Josh Allen – No tie, no problem.

#4 (#13 overall) Christian Wilkins DT-Miami Dolphins

The big man from Clemson didn’t actually go in the top 10 of the draft, but he slid into our top 10 with this elegant black & white fit. The white jacket with gold trim around the cuffs and pockets compliment the gold timepiece on Christian’s wrist. The black shirt, bow tie, and pocket square brought the fit together while still making it pop. For bonus points, Christian cited the White Ranger from the popular 90’s show Power Rangers as his inspiration. Check out the custom lining inside the jacket.

Bright in white, Christian Wilkins poses on the red carpet.

#5 (#3 overall) Quinnen Williams DT – New York Jets

An all-grey fit is a bold choice. Fortunately, Quinnen Williams is as bold on the red carpet as he is in the thick of the trenches. From his grey kicks to his matching suit & pants to the collarless, modern fit shirt, Quinnen rolled the dice on the monochromatic look… and we think he nailed it. The watch, earrings, and silver ring subtly help pull the look together. Big ups, big guy.

Quinnen Williams goes all grey. 

#6 (#5 overall) Devin White LB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Devin White kept it classy with his choice of suit. The double-windsor knot in his powder pink tie and matching pocket square of the same hue paid compliment the steel blue of Devin’s three-piece suit. The double-breasted vest doubles down on the classic look. White’s brown shoes may not be the best shade for this fit, but the they are on the right track. The fit works enough to land Devin at #6 in our Top 10.

Devin White wears his sunglasses at night.

#7 (#9 overall) Ed Oliver DT – Buffalo Bills

Defensive tackle, Ed Oliver, kept it conservative for his Draft Day debut. A black, pinstriped, three-piece suit and brick-red tie paired with brogue black shoes finish off Ed’s traditional look… shades and headphones aside. if the suit doesn’t shows you how Ed is feeling, the smirk tells it all.  

Has anyone seen Ed Oliver’s Beats?

#8 (#6 overall) Daniel Jones QB – New York Giants

Hands down the most controversial choice in the draft, Daniel went a little more traditional in both tie knot and color, making a controversial style choice himself by skipping the double-breasted vest. Instead, the former Kentucky star went with a more subtle, patterned red tie. Where Daniel’s fit really steps up has to be in the footwear. Jones might be asked to fill two-time Super Bowl MVP, Eli Manning, someday… but for now, his tapered, Oxford shoes fit his style just right. 

Daniel Jones having the time of his life in Nashville.

#9 (#8 overall) TJ Hockenson TE – Detroit Lions

No, TJ is not on his way to his senior prom, don’t let the suit fool you. On any day other than draft day, the nicely cut black suit & white shirt combo would be the standard. Unfortunately, on draft day, the standard takes a backseat to standout. Extra points for the pastel tie & pocket square combo, TJ’s fit needed every one to barely break our Top 10.

TJ Hockenson – From prom night to draft day

#10 (#10 overall) Devin Bush LB – Pittsburgh Steelers

What’s draft day without the wild card? Without the “what is he wearing” guy, how could we appreciate the truly tasteful? Doing his best Ezekiel Elliott impression, Devin Bush showed up to the NFL draft with something to showcase. So what exactly is he wearing? The short answer is… he’s wearing himself. The suit is from his own line, Undrszd. While we can’t blame Devin for taking the stage to promote his own brand, we can hold this quizzical fit against him some. In second thought, naw… you do you, boo. 

Devin Bush styling quizzically fresh


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